About Play Torbay

Play Torbay is an incorporated charity and Company Limited by Guarantee (Charity no. 1137551 and Company no. 7269045) launched on 7 October 2010, previously and since 1999 known as Torbay Play Forum. Our aim is to improve the quality and quantity of play provision for children and young people living in Torbay and raise awareness about the importance of play in children’s lives.

Our core activities are:

  • Free holiday and half-term activity programmes
  • Adventure Playgrounds – in Brixham: Indigos Go Wild, Paignton: Wild Fox and Torquay: Fort Apache
  • Alternative Education Provision
  • Play Days
  • Quest
  • Training and CPD
  • Skills Bank Scheme

We raise funds to provide free activities and transport for children across the Bay particularly for those who may not be able to access opportunities otherwise.

Please click HERE for our Memorandum of Association.

Please click HERE to see our latest Annual Report.

Our Vision

We provide:

  • New facilities for children and young people
  • More facilities and opportunities for playworkers and people who work with children and young people
  • Continued delivery, maintenance and support for existing community facilities and play opportunities for children
  • Promotion of accessible play opportunities for all children and young people in Torbay
  • A new membership play association supporting children’s play in Torbay: PLAY TORBAY

We mainly work with children and families who are disadvantaged for a number of reasons including poverty, disability or marginalisation;  we explore the potential of offering play to local children and look at ways to develop community cohesion.

Our adventure play areas have brought together parents and local people and built new social networks helping us to get families to know each other and give parents more confidence to let their children play outside.  In Torbay there is a significant older population and some evidence that children are regarded with hostility.  We want to raise the profile of play, the importance of children in the public realm and the vital importance of play children’s social and physical well being.

You can view all our policies here.

Our policies are:

  • Contents
  • Declaration (read and understood)
  • Intro A – Playwork Principles
  • Intro B – Best Play Objectives
  • Intro C – Good Practice Guidelines to Participation
  • Intro D – Charter for Children’s Play
  • Intro E – UN Convention on the Right of the Child (relevant articles)
  • Intro F – Play Safety Forum Position Statement on Managing Risk in Play Provision
  • Intro G – Convention on the Rights of the Child – General Comment
  1. Safeguarding Policy
  2. Incident Reporting Policy and form
  3. Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  4. Health and Safety Policy
  5. Control of Infectious Diseases and Decontamination Policy
  6. Food, Drink and Healthy Eating Policy
  7. Hygiene Policy
  8. Safer Recruitment Policy
  9. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Policy
  10. Data Protection Policy (GDPR Compliant)
  11. Confidentiality Policy
  12. Complaints Policy
  13. Volunteers Policy
  14. Training and CPD Policy
  15. Social Media Policy
  16. Mobile Phone Policy
  17. Lone Working Policy
  18. Code of Conduct/Behaviour Policy
  19. Environmental Policy
  20. Recruitment and Selection Procedure
  21. Volunteer Procedure
  22. Alcohol and Drugs Policy
  23. Disciplinary Policy
  24. Grievance Policy
  25. Community Skills Bank Policy and Procedures
  26. Fundraising Policy and Procedures
  27. Financial Controls Policy
  28. Intimate Care Policy

Membership of Play Torbay is free. It is open to individuals and organisations and offers:

  • Free play opportunities all year round at different places in Torbay
  • Access to free Adventure Play in the Bay opportunities for children and young people in the holidays and at the weekends
  • A programme of Bay Play Ranger sessions –  activities brought directly to your local park
  • Access to inclusion workers to support children and young people with specific needs
  • Play Days – in parks, streets, schools, fairs, fetes and festivals with a wide range of activities including PlayPod imagination play, obstacle courses, slacklining, water slides, kite flying and lots more
  • Play Audits – of school grounds, parks and green spaces with a professional service examining the play and outdoor learning possibilities including the production of a fully illustrated report.
  • Play and Outdoor Learning – providing bespoke outdoor learning sessions to develop practical experiences outside the classroom
  • A programme of play and playwork training and qualifications though our Community Skills Bank scheme – where training and qualification opportunities are offered in return for supporting playwork sessions at the local playgrounds
  • Opportunities for children and young people to take part:
    – Junior Play Ranger Training to support activities at play days
    – Arts Award Training to be inspired by and enjoy the arts with opportunities to develop creativity and leadership skills
    – Quest Builders to design and develop exciting, interactive, promenade-style performance quests at different cultural venues with original songs, music, drama digital animation, arts and crafts