Our organisation now offers a number of services (listed below) in order to boost an income and enable us to provide FREE activities for children who may be disadvantaged or disabled.

Play Torbay is a small team of experienced play professionals who support, nurture, model and develop play in schools and other settings. We have been working with a range of setting for many years now delivering play training, research and consultancy supporting and advocating for children’s play.

In 2016 we were the winners of the National Children and Young People’s Now Play Award.

Our services include:

  • Visual Play Audits
  • Training for professionals, parents, carers
  • Play sessions at our 3 Adventure Playgrounds (Torquay, Paignton and Brixham) during holidays, Play Days, events, services and workshops
  • After school play sessions for ASC children and their families
  • Projects including evaluations and reports
  • Fundraising support
  • Quest Adventures
  • Delivery of Arts Award – Play Torbay is an Arts Award Centre
  • Inclusion Playworkers (enabling, befriending, respite)
  • During the COVID-19 period – a Play Packs project where families are given a pack full of activities for the children of all ages and Zoom Play sessions to complete the activities online with other families interactively
  • Alternative Provision – a 1-to-1 service to support children with Social, Emotional, Mental Health difficulties, ASC who are experiencing difficulties at school or not attending school

The Visual Play Audit assess the ‘play value’ of a space and provides a variety of informed, non-biased recommendations for improving and extending the play offer for children.

The play audit is a photographic report which:

– explores the ethos and the value of children’s play within the school
– assesses the outdoor space available within the school grounds and the potential opportunities it offers
– identifies the types of play currently catered for using observations and conversations with staff, volunteers, parents and children
– identifies the types of play which are missing
– suggests physical improvements that could be made to the environment including low costs, high impact solutions and longer term considerations to improve the quality of play opportunities available
– considers logistical changes that could improve movement and flow over lunchtime period which can provide solutions to current problems on the playground

The process involves a small team visiting a school at lunchtime, identifying and assessing the quality of the provision on offer. The play audit report and a model are then compiled. This takes approximately two weeks. It is followed by a feedback session, arranged at a mutually convenient time for key staff, parent governors, Friends, school council representatives as appropriate. The presentation lasts about 90 minutes.

We charge £700 plus travel for the play audit service.

We also provide playwork training for lunchtime staff. We have fully qualified trainers who are specialists in play. We run 2 hour training courses designed to engage lunchtime staff, build confidence and self-esteem. The courses consider developing positive relationships with children and strategies and techniques for positive interventions. Creating positive experiences at lunchtime can reduce time spent resolving lunchtime issues and improve children’s learning in the afternoon. We can train up to 15 staff per session. We provide an illustrated course handout for all participants.

We charge £300 plus travel for each training session.

Play Days events, services and workshops
We advise, support and facilitate schools and organisations to run Play Days. These can include providing loose parts play in combination with experienced playworkers to add colourful and creative elements to any event. For example, water play, playing with tools – design and build; building miniature gardens, fire pit cooking, blinging bikes, board game challenges. Charges depend on activities offered. Please give us a call

Fundraising support
In discussion with schools and other organisations working with children, Play Torbay is aware that finding the funding to create better play opportunities for children can be a challenge. We are happy to work with schools on funding applications.

We charge £20 per hour plus travel.

Arts Award
We are an Arts Centre with trained assessors and are happy to support young people gain their Arts Award. Please contact us for further information and discussion.

Projects including evaluations and reports
We are very happy to work with you to undertake projects which might include evaluations, consultations and the production of reports. Examples include:

Imagine this… Consultation Report and the Branchline Evaluation Report both of which involved young people’s contributions.

Inclusion Enablers
We have been running very successful Inclusion support for children and young people who may need additional support. We have team of highly trained workers skilled in playwork and youth work who are able to support young people on a one-to-one basis.

We have a sliding scale of pricing for this service, in the following packages:

To discuss your requirements, please call us on 01803 850157